The best thing about working for Opus is being on their rotation scheme, something that is unique to their office at Hertfordshire County Council, where I am based. It means over a course of 2 years I’ll get to understand how every team in the office works. Ultimately, this makes it easier for me to realise where my strengths lie and also provides lots of variety!

Currently I’m working in the Highways Major Projects team, which undertakes big scale projects to improve Hertfordshire’s highway network – after just only a few months, this is already my second placement.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to join Opus; it’s an international company with offices around the world with so many engineering disciplines. It’ll give me so many opportunities at this early stage in my career to find what area is right for me and, in the future, potentially travel around the world working on different projects.

I know Opus will support me in whatever I decide to do, especially when it comes to my professional development. The most important thing for me at the moment is to gather as much experience as I can to eventually become a Chartered Engineer, something I know I can achieve as part of Opus’ Graduate Development Programme.