Working in Opus’ Hertford office sees me working as part of a wider ‘Whole Client Service’ in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council. I really enjoy working with engineers from different teams and developing relationships with clients and developers as it’s helping me to broaden my knowledge, skills and widening my networks.

Being given the opportunity to contribute to the team, providing engineering solutions with great autonomy and ensuring scheme delivery in line with council design standards motivates me and allows me to build confidence in myself.

Opus keeps me engaged with the effective delivery of highways drainage schemes, from investigation works, design, upgrade and through to completion, with multiple in-house and external training courses.  Opus provides 40 hours of training a year for its employees which is a real benefit, and this year I’ve chosen to focus on training courses that allow me to do undertake drainage designs more effectively.

At Hertford, Opus offers the ability to move throughout the different teams to gain a wide variety experience and figure out what works for you. Currently I’m happy in my team and my future looks bright. I have all the support I need to do well and am hoping to become a chartered engineer in a few years’ time.