We have a proactive focus on eliminating any perceived or real barriers in the traditional areas of diversity.  

We embrace diversity of thought and attitude. I strongly believe that these differing perspectives and capabilities are our point of difference. Having an inclusive and team-based behaviour results in individuals feeling valued and creates a sense of belonging. This is where people feel they can make a difference and inspire each other.

To allow us to create this inclusive culture, we offer all of our staff diversity and equality training as well as additional equality training for staff involved in recruitment. It forms a key part of the leadership team’s succession and talent planning strategy. 

"We work hard to ensure that our staff are developed, respected and looked after."

We have a “Women in Leadership” initiative.  There are a number of ambassadors throughout the business driving this. Their goals are to ensure that women are supported throughout their career and to ultimately drive diversity. WiL is involved in a lot of STEM work and actively engage with educational establishments to promote engineering as a profession to young people. Read examples here.  

I also think that flexible working promotes equality, this is available to all of our staff. It allows people to manage their time more effectively and consider what works best for them and achieve a good work/life balance.

There is of course, the opportunity for staff to work and gain experience overseas. An example is in Christchurch following the earthquakes back in 2010 and 2011.   We seconded a number of staff over to Christchurch and vice versa, staff from Canada, New Zealand and Australia travel to gain UK experience.

See how we are promoting Engineering Equality to create an inclusive culture: