In my mind, we go above the norm in championing talent because no-matter what stage you are in your career, our award winning staff development programme means there is something to suit everyone.  Personal development review meetings take place every 6 months, this gives people the opportunity to reflect and identify what their short term goals are to excel in their role.

We have our own high quality in-house leadership course. We’ve received really positive feedback from those who attended saying that it has brought significant benefit to them.  A key focus of the programme is self-awareness and understanding what great leadership looks like. The course gives the tools for our leaders to be effective in their roles. 

Our philosophy is to grow our own.  I believe that our Graduate Development Programme is unique because it is tailored to the individual; whether you work in surveying, engineering or marketing, the programme is easily adapted.  It provides a clear pathway for our graduates to work towards achieving professional membership status.  They get involved in a wide range of initiatives, including our emerging professional network, mentoring, job rotations, training courses and e-learning opportunities.

Our team have developed an apprentice programme, recruiting apprentices allows us to nurture new talent and provide a rewarding career to those entering our industry. Attracting people into the business from a variety of routes and backgrounds is part of our approach to ensure a diverse workforce. 

“Joining as an apprentice has given me a chance to re-train, develop my technical skills and eventually gain a degree in civil engineering.”   Kate Richards, CAD Technician, Wrexham office

We work with universities to provide work placements for university students.  Students get a real sense of the opportunities and challenges available in this profession, as well as the chance to work with our experienced engineers.    

We have been involved for years in supporting the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative and our people enjoy participating in local events to promote the engineering profession. I think these events are an excellent opportunity for us to inspire young people with a view to them taking up a career within the construction industry.

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