“The best way to predict the future is to create it” Peter Drucker, American Austrian author

I think this quote sums up our philosophy, we are committed to making the world work better by looking for smarter solutions that perform for longer. 

Headed up by our Director Innovation, Peter Benfell, we have a dedicated research team with over 45 researchers, data analysts, chemists and behavioural scientists. This team undertake £4.6 million worth of research and development for our clients annually.  We also invest £1 million for internal use. I think this investment keeps us agile and ensures that we can anticipate the next move for the industry.

We are also supportive of academic research, most recently, I have been collaborating with Nottingham Trent University to develop a technology capable of remotely detecting the level of rust on metal structures from up to 100m away. This research project is already underway and in three years’ time it is hoped that the ‘RustScan/RustDetect’ technology will be commercially available, the first of its kind in the industry.

We carry out thousands of bridge inspections every year for the rail industry, and this technology will form part of the data used in undertaking asset condition assessments. Part of our work involves people scaling and touching structures and although this is a really important part, our remote technology should reduce the amount of hands on work. Our ultimate aim is to reduce site time, yet, come back with a far richer set of information.

"Our clients continually look to us for planning, design, maintenance and management of their assets. We are always looking for innovative solutions and new technologies which offer cost-effective solutions to safely defer expensive upgrades or replacements that may not actually be required."

Meanwhile, during day-to-day operations, we are proud to confirm that our BIM Level 2 environment has passed the external scrutiny of BRE. We are one of a few progressive companies who have achieved certification under BRE Global’s business systems certification. 

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