7 January 2015

Opus International Consultants (Opus), the Global Engineering Consultancy has kick-started 2015 with a recruitment drive offering a range of flexible and part-time working opportunities to the UK workforce. The campaign was launched online to NCE (New Civil Engineer) jobs, using a focused advert stating ‘flexible & part-time work opportunities’ tapping into work/life balance being high on many people’s agenda for the New Year. 

Engineering is not traditionally an industry renowned for flexible/part time working, as project deadlines and site work can have the potential to dictate working hours.  As a consultancy, Opus is already seeing the benefits of flexible working and its efforts to make engineering roles more accessible, echoes the government’s emphasis to tackle the problem of a shortage of Engineers and Technicians.

With retention and recruitment essential in the highly competitive engineering sector, Opus expects to see a noticeable increase in applications for its current (50) vacancies.

Adrian Clarkson, Opus’ HR Director explains: “Our experience of staff who work part-time is extremely positive, they are highly valued, empowered and prove to be productive and reliable. We’re aware that employers previously haven’t taken flexible working far enough to provide any real benefit, and we’re keen to lead the way with our people-focused approach.

“Our Health and Safety culture ensures that the mental wellbeing of our staff is also a priority and offering this added level of flexibility can be helpful in easing the pressure off busy family lives.”  

Amy Morgan, senior Traffic and Transport Technician, has worked for the company for eight years and returned to Opus after having her twin boys to work a five day week on a ‘reduced hour’ day.  Amy says:  “I come in early, beating the rush-hour and finish at 2.30pm to collect my children from school.  I work efficiently and I’m still able to carry out site visits in daylight hours.  These hours work brilliantly for me and my family.”

The shortage of Engineers is well-known and experienced Engineers approaching retirement age, are of particular value to the industry and can also fulfill a mentoring role.  Adrian says: “We’re keen to recruit and retain this high level of expertise and part-time working can be attractive to this group.  We need to sell the benefits to tempt people to join or remain with us. We’ve had several engineers, with grown up families, who have enjoyed short secondments to Opus in New Zealand. Our offices across the UK also have much to offer and our teams highly value the experience that these senior engineers bring.” 

Opus expects to recruit over 120 engineers in the UK over the next 12 months. 

Opus’ current vacancies are available online at http://www.recruitment.opusinternational.com/list.aspx?CoId=1942&rq=8