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Wellbeing as part of the Health & Safety mix

31 October 2017 Victoria Saunders

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Natural Disasters: thinking beyond immediate response

18 September 2017 Mark Easton - Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Mark EastonThe unpredictable nature of natural disasters requires the engineering community to be immediately thrown into shaping the future of the built environment, and the community which inhabits it. Since September 2010, the South Island of New Zealand has been impacted by a series of significant earthquakes and aftershocks. The most notable of these were the February 2011 and November 2016 events.  In general, key learnings from the 2011 event have been applied to the 2016 event. This resulted in significantly improved engineering response, at organisational, technical and operational levels.

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Better data, better decisions

25 June 2017 Dr Ray Hickey - Senior Principal, Data Collection and Systems

Ray HickeyWhen many engineers hear the term “data management”, they immediately envisage a collaboration site or a proprietary database or even BIM – at a basic level, data management is the approach which an organisation uses to coordinate and improve its knowledge.

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