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Our Development Management team are Hertfordshire County Council’s starting point for developers undertaking work on the public highway.  Opus Engineers and Transport Planners work side by side with HCC staff to provide a highways perspective to planning applications and to help ensure that all highway work is legally and technically correct. Opus staff provide expertise and a wealth of collective experience and knowledge to this council function.

The team uses their engineering experience and judgement to ensure that highways remain safe for all road users and maintenance costs remain low, whilst meeting council and national standards in both design and build.

"The interesting thing about Development Management is that we get to be involved in a wide variety of schemes, including projects much larger than we could ever afford to build ourselves with Council budgets."

The team work on projects from the design of large housing estates to the construction of new accesses, as well as the construction of roundabouts to drainage and pavement design.  The work involves an understanding of all aspects of highway design, building professional relationships with other consultants and developers, undertaking site visits, project management and approving legal agreements - every day is different and no two projects are alike.