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A site of importance for nature conservation

A disused industrial site on the edge of Llantrisant in South Wales, provides the latest setting for our team of Ecologists who are undertaking surveys on behalf of the Welsh Government, to assist with their plans to redevelop the site.

With a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) in its boundaries, the site is of particular ecological interest.  The team have regularly been on-site throughout the survey season, often before dawn or after dusk. Surveys began in May and will continue until November.

Last year, the team identified the potential for several UK protected species to be present, including bats, breeding birds, reptiles, dormice, badgers and otters. The work will determine whether this is the case.

The site which includes grassland, scrub, woodland and watercourses will also require botanical, as well as specialist invertebrate surveys. An Ecological Assessment will supplement any future planning applications for the site.