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Opus, in a strategic alliance with Kinta Samudra, worked for the Government of Malaysia and acted as Project Management Consultant in this US$5 billion project to upgrade the existing Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) mainline railway from Ipoh to Thailand’s border at Padang Besar.

This major infrastructure project involved the laying and electrification of a 329km-long double track line, the construction of new stations and bridges as well as modern electrification and signalling systems. 

Length:         329km
Stations:      31
Tunnels:       2
Depots:         4
Bridges:       188
Special structures:
-Marine Viaduct (3.5km)
-Prai Swing Bridge (282m)

“Travel by train in Malaysia north from Kula Lumpur will now be more convenient, comfortable and most importantly more efficient, allowing commuters to travel to the main cities and towns that span the 4 states along the route.” David Starbuck, Head of Rail Design, Opus International Consultants (M) Bhd

Services included:
- Technical and Management services to the Government
- Ensured the project works met the requirements of the Operator (KTMB)
- Validating all submissions and claims by the contractors
- Mediating on interfaces between the Government, KTMB and local authorities
- Periodic relevant reports to Government and authorities
- Safeguarding and ensuring compliance to existing regulations during construction and Defect Liability Period.

The project began in 2008 and was completed last year. It was important that, throughout the works, the railway continued to generate revenue and remained operational to both passenger and freight trains. Rail travel will now seem more attractive than road transport, when considering traffic and high accident rates and more economic than flying due to its new ticket fares.

“The project is also very much welcomed by businesses in the four states where the rail tracks run. Businesses will find this a more economical and efficient way of transporting their goods across the country.” 
Yang Amat Berhormat, Prime Minister of Malaysia