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A global Opus team has been working with Network Rail for the past four years to help make the train commute to work better for the public on the London North Western route.

As the largest of all the Network Rail routes, it is considered the backbone of the UK rail network, linking up four major cities (Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow) with smaller towns and villages.

Having assessed 294 bridges and structures, and doubling that amount in this year, the Opus team are determined and focused to deliver what the Network Rail and the local community needs.

Calling on our global expertise, we are able to mobilise teams in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia to complete assessment calculations and reports, ultimately providing a 24 hour service which delivers on time and on budget.

Our team is always seeking opportunities to improve deliverables, drive efficiencies and maintain our commitment to health & safety, which is at the core of all our rail services.

“Monitoring the condition of our infrastructure - including bridges, tunnels, embankments and culverts - is a vital part of keeping Britain’s railways safe. By working with these trusted suppliers we can continue to improve and build on the knowledge we have of our network.” ~ Ian Sexton, Director of Contracts and Procurement, Network Rail.