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The ITP & Safety team is responsible for delivering Hertfordshire County Councils’ (HCC) Integrated Transport Projects (ITP) and Road Safety Engineering Projects, together with supporting the development of associated policies and strategies.  In a typical year, the team will deliver approximately £5 million worth of improvements to Hertfordshire’s highway network.  Their key customers are residents and businesses of Hertfordshire and those that use the Hertfordshire highway network which includes cyclists, pedestrians and vulnerable road users.

The team uses a variety of techniques centred on highway and traffic engineering principles.  Typically, the team undertake projects ranging from accessibility, congestion relief, provision of safer routes to schools, road safety and speed compliance.  Teamwork and close co-operation with all stakeholder groups are needed to successfully deliver schemes therefore communication skills will be desirable as well as a strong customer focus. 

Typical projects designed by the team include, but aren’t limited to, bus stop upgrades, junction efficiency and safety improvements, and development of local cycle infrastructure. Whilst all of the schemes that ITP & Safety work on vary in size and scope, they are all required to demonstrate clear links to the Local Transport Plan objectives of accessibility, congestion, quality of life and safety, to ensure a better highway network for Hertfordshire.