Hertfordshire County Council lighting the way

As part of Hertfordshire County Council’s £14m investment to upgrade over 30,000 streetlights to LEDs, Opus supported Ringway (the council’s term maintenance contractor), in a scheme to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and provide an effective solution for the council to manage its lighting levels.

Opus was responsible for the online management of data to support Ringway, reaching beyond the Whole Client Service (the integrated service which sees Opus and HCC staff working alongside each other) with the team providing smart solutions to technical issues, enabling the scheme to be rolled out in the most cost effective manner.

Before implementation could begin, Opus began by transferring streetlight data from the council’s asset management system (CONFIRM) to a cloud based online tool (AGOL), creating a portal to share data.

Ringway needed to be able to access information easily when onsite, to identify where electricity was being supplied from and to record any issues they encountered onsite. With this understanding, Opus developed an app, linked to the portal, whereby people could use mobile devices as scanners onsite to access and record data, such as which lights had been replaced.

Opus’ technical support in ensuring up-to-date, real time data was downloadable, allowed Ringway to operate a ‘self-service’ system, where work could be allocated remotely to teams onsite without unnecessary trips back to the office. The contractor could also use the portal to classify lights as ‘too difficult’ and these could be quickly allocated to specialist crews. This improved the contractor’s productivity and efficiency, reduced time on site and minimised disruption to highway users.

The vast quantity of data being handled was challenging, in particular due to the huge amount of site photographs which initially caused the system to freeze. A simple measure from Opus, in which the resolution of the images stored on the mobile devices was reduced, proved an effective fix.

The reduction in administration was a significant success, with the cloud based infrastructure completely replacing conventional paperwork with a simple method for communication and data sharing. Opus will continue to manage the online system and assist Ringway with any technical issues.