Untitled 3 SmallOpus-VR, an award winning entry into Opus’ Big Ideas (a competition to allow staff to seek funding for new innovations to be developed) is now being trialled on Opus schemes in the UK. 

The Opus-VR project explores Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, and how they can be integrated into what we do at Opus.

The AR app allows users to view buildings as an augmented 3D model on a smart device, without the need for specialist software.

Using the app on a smart device, users can also explore the 3D Revit models with a ‘virtual walkthrough’ feature, providing users an appreciation of the internal building layout before it is built.

Ease of accessibility is a real benefit, with the 3D model being able to be shared across design teams, at client meetings and out on site, assisting in design communication and quality assurance.

The model is viewed simply by pointing a smart device (phone or tablet) at a specific printed target image, allowing users to view the model from any angle and cut sections to view the interior.   The requirement for the user to possess the target image provides added security against sharing of Revit models outside the design team.

Projects to have been trialled with Opus-VR in the UK include a new building located in a quarry, for which Opus provided Structural and Civil design services.