Flooding causes misery, damaging homes and possessions and brings chaos to people’s lives.

With the River Thames’ rising water levels a constant worry for the communities in the Chertsey and Weybridge areas, Opus’  geo-environmental team has undertaken work on a huge scheme that will create a new channel to alleviate flooding and protect communities. This area of the River Thames hosts the largest expanse of developed floodplain with over 15,000 homes and businesses at risk from flooding, as well as local infrastructure and protected habitats.

Opus’ largest ever geo-environmental site investigation was carried out over a nine week period. In order for the new channel to be built, Opus were called into provided a detailed analysis of post-war landfill deposits and an estimate of the amount of waste materials that could be recycled as part of a landfill mining and reclamation process.

Site Manager, Emma Small, explained: “The site had a number of challenges including restricted access and varying drilling conditions which required revisions in our methods but overall, the site works have been a great success and were completed within our target of nine weeks.”