Rail Laser Scan model
Rail Laser Scanning Revit Model

Clients can benefit from a survey to collect data for ‘Asset Information Management’ which can then become a framework to be referenced at various stages of project development (e.g. planning, condition inspection and refurbishment).

"The laser scanner makes a 360° scan within a range of 50m, to an accuracy of better than +/-5mm, collecting 40 million points in around six minutes." 

Laser Scanning for Condition Surveys

Laser scanning enabled a 14 span arch viaduct in Edinburgh to be surveyed in less than a day. The client was then able to view the 3D images online. As a scanner had provided a complete set of information, there was the ability to retrieve extra data, without the need for further surveys.

The laser scanner can be mounted to a track trolley to enable continuous profiling data and can measure clearance beyond a structure’s profile, such as a tunnel.
The ‘point cloud’ produces a variety of end products, including 2D or 3D CAD drawings and object based 3D modelling.

Validating Surveys

For the extension of the Nottingham tram, validation surveys were carried out of the existing primary survey network. Other services included additional survey control, setting out and underground service location surveys.

Tunnel Identification

The team faced a complex environment at Liverpool Lime Street Station, working in a confined space with utility services and asbestos present. To enable the tunnel to be refurbished into a pedestrian under path, 3D model, cross sections, long section and plans were produced.

Other Rail Surveying Services include: 

  • 3D Point Cloud Surveys and Modelling
  • Rail Asset Data Capture
  • Rail and Structural Monitoring Services (pre/during/post works)
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM/AIM)
  • Track Geometry and Gauging Surveys
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Utilities Surveying
  • Topographical Surveying
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • CCTV Surveying
  • Underground Void Inspections