Road Safety Audits have been used on UK roads for over 20 years, providing an independent assessment of the potential road safety problems associated with road improvements and new road schemes, including pedestrian and cycle schemes.

In the year ending March 2016 there were 187,050 causalities (including 1,780 deaths) on the roads in the UK. An audit adds value to the scheme by contributing to the potential reduction in the number and severity of accidents. Apart from the significant emotional cost to family and friends, the monetary cost to the community from a fatal accident is estimated at £1.8 million, a serious accident £220,000 and a slight accident £22,000.

The Audit aims to identify potential road safety hazards that could lead to accidents for all road users, particularly for the vulnerable road users, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclist and equestrians.  It recommends solutions to remove or reduce the risks of accidents. It is completely separate and independent to the design and approaches the scheme with a different set of eyes, skill sets and criteria.

From a wider network perspective, reducing collisions leads to less network disruptions and so reducing carbon footprints.

Opus has teams of dedicated highly trained road safety auditors who have carried out on average over 100 audits per year. Schemes vary from minor pedestrian improvement works, pedestrian crossings, cycle routes, major and minor junction improvements right up to major bypass works.