Alternative Energy Plant 2

Opus worked for Burmeister & Wain on the 38MW Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant

The plant will generate sufficient electricity to power 65,000 homes using sustainable fuel sources, saving 150,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

The surveying team set out services as part of the client’s QA procedures, which enabled the contractor's work to be checked before construction.  A significant aspect of the work was to ensure that all setting out was undertaken to very tight tolerances across site, usually +/-3mm.

When the project was at its final stage and the turbine, generator and gearbox went into position the surveyors were responsible for monitoring baseline measurements to report whether there had been any movement.

Over 30 points at various positions were checked, and once the plant is running and when there is a change in operating or maintenance conditions, the team will be required to undertake more monitoring.

Site conditions were challenging for the surveyors who worked in a particularly restricted site with difficult access, pipework limiting lines of sight and on-going construction practices.