Newstead Wind Turbine2

A global Opus team was commissioned by Merriman Limited, on behalf of Stillwind, to help in the transformation of a former colliery site in Nottinghamshire into a vibrant and sustainable country park with the installation of a new wind turbine.

Opus specialists from six offices across two countries came together as the lead design consultant for the construction of a 1.5MW wind turbine at Newstead and Annesley Country Park.

Our work involved ground investigation design, procurement, management and reporting, foundation design, access road design, crane pad design as well as materials verification.

The eco-friendly park, which occupies 220 acres of land, has seen the natural regeneration of plants and wildlife through the process of succession. The addition of the new wind turbine will help reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in the area and encourage the generation of renewable energy within rural communities.

A key motivator for the client was the strict schedule, which was led by the delivery of the wind turbine components to site. This resulted in a challenging schedule for our design team, with the haul road needing to be built and checked in time for the arrival of the wind turbine, and the foundation design needing to be completed to meet the allocated time slot with the steel supplier.

The project began in September 2016 and the wind turbine was successfully installed in January this year, demonstrating the team's ability to meet the challenging timeframes, which became the driving force behind the scheme.

Watch this drone footage to see the scope of the project and this timelapse video of the blades being installed.