We have a long track record of robust stormwater designs and systems for urban areas

Our focus is on delivering sustainable urban drainage solutions that meet the needs of the community and work within the environment.

We provide technically sound, environmentally sustainable and economically viable solutions that meet current needs and anticipate future needs. Our clients include local and central government agencies, transportation organisations and private sector businesses. 

Our experience in the UK

Our stormwater services have three key focus areas – catchment management, hydraulic analysis and flood risk assessments.

Catchment management

We have an extensive history of successfully delivering catchment management, river modelling and flood alleviation projects. Our work in this area includes coordinating Water Cycle Strategy and Water Services Infrastructure stakeholders; collating existing flood data; and producing catchment flood maps and GIS data plans. We also provide regional spatial strategy advice and assess development proposals, as well as integrated flood mitigation and development solutions.

Hydraulic analysis

Our team can conduct 1D fluvial flood modelling using HEC-RAS software and 3D flood plain modeling with MIKE software. We also advise on urban drainage modelling and greenfield, FEH and ReFH run-off assessments.

Flood risk assessments

We have provided many examples of hydrological analysis and flood risk assessments for both private and public sector clients. We work closely with the Environment Agency to produce planning policy statement 25 (PPS25) compliant reports for building developments. We also offer site specific Flood Risk Assessments and flood plain maps, and provide advice on flood mitigation and development solutions, and site runoff and drainage assessments.