We offer a full suite of wastewater services from conceptualisation to on-site commissioning

Wastewater includes drainage and sewage, and managing it well is vital for the health of communities all over the United Kingdom.

Globally, Opus has one of the largest wastewater treatment capabilities of environmental engineers and scientists, and is recognised for delivering high-quality, cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions.

We have the expertise to manage all stages of wastewater treatment, disposal, and system management, from strategic planning and design to construction supervision and post-commissioning support.

With our unique mix of operational and technical experience, we offer design solutions for any scale of plant or problem. 

Our experience in the UK

Many of our wastewater experts have operational experience, and we are increasingly sought after for our experience in optimisation and trouble-shooting of plant processes and operations.

Our team has broad experience in all forms of wastewater treatment, including:

  • Disinfection
  • Biosolids management
  • High technology MBR, SBR and UV disinfection
  • Solid waste management
  • Odour control
  • Energy recover
  • Wetland treatment
  • Land application